Welcoming Oscar Bou as a new committer to Apache Isis

I’m delighted to announce that Oscar Bou has been voted in as a committer on Apache Isis, and also to as a member of the Isis PMC. The first gives Oscar the right to commit changes directly to Isis’ codebase, the second gives him the right to be involved in future votes.

If you’ve been following the Isis users and dev lists over the last few months, you can’t fail to have seen Oscar’s energetic involvement. Oscar came across Isis while building a similar framework in-house, and has since worked with his team to port much of their application - still in development - over to Isis. In so doing, Oscar has provided invaluable early testing and feedback for new features being implemented.

Oscar has ticked the boxes in terms of being a committer: using the mailing lists appropriately, raising JIRA tickets, provided patches to address specific issues, providing help to others in the community. But he’s gone beyond that in raising a number of insightful - sometimes challenging - questions regarding Isis’ design/responsibilities as a framework, and shown that he’s keen to address these issues and thus improve Isis as a product.

I’m looking forward to working with Oscar in the future; another great addition to Isis’ committers.

As a bit of tidying up, we have also voted for Jeroen van der Wal, and Maurizio Taverna, to be members of the Isis PMC. In fact, in many/most Apache projects, all committers are also PMC members, so it was something of an anomaly that we originally voted Jeroen and Maurizio as just committers.

August 12, 2013 announce apache-isis