Oredev 2013 - RRRADDD!

In my last post I talked a little bit about attending Oredev 2013, and promised I’d talk a bit about my own talk.

The session title was called RRRADDD! - ridiculously rapid application development with Apache Isis - so I decided that I would do exactly that, and build up a three domain class in a session lasting just 50 minutes. What started off as a bunch of notes and code fragments in notepad eventually morphed into a github project with a README, and (count them!) 22 tags acting as checkpoints as the app is built up piece by piece.

I have to say having done the talk I’m not that sure how well it worked from the point of view of the attendee; perhaps too repetitive and not enough jokes.  In other sessions I attended at Oredev the live coding portion only did a very small amount of stuff (too little, I thought); but maybe I should have followed suit.   Anyway, you can judge for yourself… the talk has been uploaded to Vimeo.

Whatever, plus side is that the github project is now a useful additional asset for those coming to Isis and who want to experiment a bit; I’ve linked to it from the Isis website.

Post script: Every Oredev session is voted by attendees as they leave.  How well this one went over I’ll never know… the Oredev conference organizers got in touch and said that unfortunately due to a glitch they lost the votes for my session.  Maybe I hit it out of the park.  Then again, maybe not.

November 21, 2013 apache-isis conference github