[ANN] Apache Isis 1.4.0 released

After 4 months development, we’ve just released Apache Isis 1.4.0, and supporting components.

This is a pretty cool release, because it’s the one that Estatio (the first major application to run on Isis) has been deployed against.

Some of the features in this release include:

  • further support in layout.json files for additional facets and UI hints
  • better reporting of metamodel validation errors (including a new page in Wicket viewer)
  • improved support for bulk update
  • @javax.enterprise.context.RequestScoped for request-scoped services
  • QueryResultsCache request-scoped domain service (for performance tuning)
  • new MementoService to support view models
  • new request-scoped @Bulk.InteractionontextService for standardized co-ordination between bulk action invocations
  • Scratchpad request-scoped domain service (for adhoc coordination between actions, eg bulk action invocations)
  • Command, CommandContext, BackgroundCommandService, for profiling and background task support
  • improvements to JDO implementations of auditing and publishing services, to integrate closely with the new command/backgroundCommand services
  • improved support for running arbitrary Isis jobs via a scheduler
  • supporting methods (disableXxx, validateXxx) for contributed actions/associations now supported
  • services autowired prior to @PostConstruct, and Isis session present for service initialization
  • JRebel support (JRebel plugin itself is third-party, see Isis website for details)

In the Wicket viewer, major changes/improvements include:

  • show action dialogs in a modal dialog, rather than new page
  • limit number of bookmarks, make less easier to accidentally trip, show/hide with keyboard shortcut
  • improved IE9 support, bundle CSS files
  • simplify URLs in Wicket viewer
  • actions returning URL open new browser window
  • UI sorting/ordering hints, pop-up to copy to clipboard
  • breadcrumb drop-down to easily revisit previous page
  • upper/lower case now switchable
  • standalone tables now rendered according to runtime type, not compile-time type
  • better tooltips over icon/titles

Full release notes are available on the Isis website.

March 14, 2014 announce apache-isis restful-objects apache-wicket