Welcoming Martin Grigorov as a new committer on Apache Isis

I’m delighted to announce that Martin Grigorov has been voted in as a committer on Apache Isis, and also as a member of the Isis PMC. The first gives Martin the right to commit changes directly to Isis’ codebase, the second gives him the right to be involved in future votes.

Martin is already a key committer on the Apache Wicket project, as well as actively contributing to the companion Wicket-bootstrap project. But you also can’t failed to have noticed his involvement in Isis’ users and dev lists recently.

Initially Martin got involved because Jeroen and I brought him onto the Estatio project in order to “bootstrappify” the Wicket viewer. Even though that piece of work is substantially complete, Martin continues to be actively involved, providing patches and working on other tickets, and from speaking with him I know he’s keen to get involved with all aspects of Isis, not just the Wicket viewer. For recent contributions, check out these github statistics and his activity stream on JIRA.

I’m looking forward to working with Martin in the future; another great addition to Isis’ committers.

December 04, 2014 announce apache-isis apache-wicket asf bootstrap