[ANN] Apache Isis version 1.7.0 Released

We just pushed out Isis 1.7.0, which consists of:

  • Apache Isis Core version 1.7.0
  • Wicket Viewer 1.7.0
  • SimpleApp Archetype 1.7.0
  • ToDoApp Archetype 1.7.0

This was mostly a bug fix release, including as it did some security fixes raised by the community (ISIS-883, ISIS-884, ISIS-895). It did have a couple of new features in it though, notably:

  • ISIS-809: @ViewModel annotation, no longer requiring explicit implementation of the IViewModel interface.
  • ISIS-916: ability to override framework-provided services, such as MementoService or BookmarkService.
  • ISIS-917: (beta): pluggable representations for the RO viewer

A lot of work was also done over in the Isis add-ons website, in particular the new isis-module-security add-on (see also this previous post).

Full release notes for the release are available on the Isis website, as well as a migration guide.

October 21, 2014 announce apache-isis isisaddons