[ANN] Apache Isis version 1.8.0 released

We just pushed another release of Apache Isis, and it’s a big one! New features in this release include:

  • a new theme-able look-n-feel for the Wicket viewer, using Twitter Bootstrap and font awesome icons
  • a new simplified set of annotations (@Property, @DomainObject, @CollectionLayout etc) to make features more discoverable; see cheat-sheet
  • support to enable multi-tenancy (in particular in conjunction with Isis addons security module)
  • new i18n support using gettext .po files, honouring user locale
  • sign-up/self-registration support (so that end-users can create own user accounts)
  • EmailService for sending HTML emails, optionally with attachments [7]
  • ability to validate individual parameters imperatively
  • config property to flag use of deprecated annotations/method prefixes
  • Maven plugin to validate domain object model with respect to Isis programming conventions
  • improved support for Neo4J
  • experimental support for more flexibility of generating Restful Objects representations

Full release notes are available on the Isis website.

As of 1.8.0 we’re continuing to trim down and simplify.  To that end, the Wicket Viewer is bundled in with Core, while the ToDoApp archetype is no longer provided.  In its place the example todoapp is available from Isis addons (not ASF) to fork and adapt.

Also, I should point out that this release finally drops support for JDK 1.6, standardizes on JDK 1.7

February 24, 2015 announce apache-isis bootstrap i18n isisaddons neo4j